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Employee of the Month
Gary Patrick ( May - 2012 )
Recipient of the San Antonio Region's Peer "I'm On It" Award! - San Antonio, Texas
"Gary consistently goes above and beyond for the community and our residents. Recently the community had a move-in that was delayed due to a flood that occurred in the apartment home. The prospective resident was literally in tears when Gary took her for a drive on the golf cart and explained what was going to be done to make her apartment ready. When they returned, her tears had turned to laughter and she felt fully better about the situation. No one prompted Gary to do this, and this is just one small example of the continuous ways Gary goes above and beyond and is absolutely 'On It!' " - Legacy at Crown Meadows
Alecia Magill ( November - 2011 )
Leasing Professional - Dallas, Texas
"This is the day and age of tellers who can't make change without a computer, self-service only gas stations, drive-thru only car washes, employees who are more than happy to inform you that 'That's not my job', or 'I don't know', or 'Why don't you try looking over in hardware for that?'; where being rude is the norm, where people will stop in the middle of a conversation to take a cell phone call, or talk loudly on one during dinner out at a restaurant or in a movie theater - while the picture is playing. This is a time when large 'Big Box' stores have 'Service Counters' but rarely have any 'Service' in them... finding great customer service is basically impossible.

This is why we would like to take this opportunity to send our most sincere appreciation to Alecia Magill and let you know how pleased we are with the outstanding service she has given us throughout the years. It is an absolute pleasure to be able to talk to someone who truly knows the meaning of efficiency, professionalism and kindness. We are so pleased to know that LPC has never lost sight of the value of Customer Service by having employees that know how to do it with such a great attitude that you feel like you are being treated like Royalty.

It has been our experience that when employees provide quality customer service of the highest caliber, they tend to be employees that are quickly promoted to leadership positions and/or competing organizations seek to hire, so do take care of this employee as she is a tremendous asset to your company. We commend both Ms. Magill and LPC for the value of service provided and we feel grateful to be your residents. In fact, based on the exceptional service we've always received from Ms. Magill, we will not hesitate to recommend The Village to our family, business associates and friends.

Please keep up the great work, positive attitude and superior customer service. Having people like Ms. Magill working for you is the reason we have chosen The Village to be our home for the past 10 years and we definitely look forward to many, many more years." - Village Resident

Michelle Covarrubias ( September - 2011 )
Assistant Manager - San Antonio, Texas
"Michelle is so 'on it'! I am a new hire and had quite a bit of work that had piled up on me over my weekend off. I had training the day I was scheduled to come back to work and was very surprised and relieved when I saw that Michelle had followed up on everything I had pending. Keeping our future residents in the loop like she did made them feel that they chosen the right place to call home. Michelle has been wonderful in my learning curve and has played a very important roll in getting me up to speed in my new career with Lincoln. I just want to acknowledge her efforts and let her know she is appreciated for being so on it." - Kim Salisbury
Sarah DeHaas ( February - 2011 )
Business Manager - Carlisle, Pennsylvania
“I've been with Lincoln a year, and over the past year I couldn't possibly believe anyone else deserves an award for Employee of the Quarter, or any other type of award to acknowledge an individual’s effort, character, work ethic and dedication to Lincoln and its standards, than my Business Manager: Sarah DeHaas. When I initially came in for my interview, I pulled into the temporary leasing office to find Sarah out front cleaning the windows to the office (the front wall being nothing but windows). My first thought? “This is someone I want to work for!” At my previous properties and employers it would be something to write down on the calendar if one of the office staff would get out of their chair, let alone go out and clean windows. Yet here is the Property Manager cleaning the windows. This not only shows a strong work ethic but also demonstrates to all employees that no job or duty is too petty in order to uphold the reputation of Lincoln. This code of conduct and dedication to Lincoln and to the property she manages has continued to be demonstrated time and time again. Whether it be sweeping floors, dusting, emptying trash or pulling weeds, she just does it. No duty is considered to be beneath her. Another example: about a month ago I was extremely busy getting an apartment turned, so I asked her if maybe she could help. Her response, “Sure, I'll do whatever I can to help," So, Sarah comes down to the turn, removes and replaces a faucet and drain in a new vanity top, scrapes the old adhesive from the base cabinet and installs the new top and back splash. When tested ‘NO LEAKS!’” - Clyde Martin, Lead Service Technician
Elizabeth Harris ( October - 2010 )
Leasing Professional - Orlando, Florida
Liz has proven to be a skilled leaser, and she has generated fresh, exciting ideas for marketing and promotional events. When an out-of-town prospective resident wanted more detail than an online video tour provided, Liz took her I-Phone to a model and had another employee video her demonstrating the apartment and performing a tour! Liz exemplifies courtesy, professionalism, knowledge of her community and the surrounding area, and a willingness to help in any circumstances. We’re very proud of the consistently strong performance Liz has given and the commitment she has made to upholding our company’s mission and values. She’s a great role model to her peers and a great ambassador for Lincoln Property Company.
Orlando Hernandez ( June - 2010 )
Service Manager - Naples, Florida
The work of a Service Manager is never done!! Orlando Hernandez the Service Manager at Laguna Bay in Naples was flagged down on property late last night by one of our residents. The resident's little baby had stopped breathing! While the resident called 911, Orlando gave him CPR! The ambulance came and the little boy is okay! What a HERO!!
Byron Gillespie ( May - 2010 )
Service Technician - Dallas, Texas
· He always leads his team by example · Byron spends each dollar on the property as if it were his own · Comes to work every day with an “ I’m on it!” attitude · Completes work orders in 24 hours and communicates with the resident if it is going to take longer · Always volunteers for extra projects
Charles Brickford ( July - 2009 )
Service Technician - Edgewater, New Jersey
Chuck is motivated to do his work. He not only does it efficiently, but also with a big smile and positive attitude. Chuck thinks outside the box. In the short period Chuck has been at the community he made some valuable suggestions, which contributed to the property's image and shared ideas to improve the functionality of our team. Chuck is proactive. This is perhaps one of the most important reasons why anyone should be nominated for employee of the month. Chuck has constantly proven to be proactive. He not only sees the problems before they occur, but also provides a solution for them. Chuck puts in overtime. It is rare to find an employee who is dedicated to getting the job done and finished. Chuck had no problem running over his daily schedule to complete a job. In some instances I find Chuck picking cigarette butts and weeds around the property without even mentioning it to me. This is an attitude all of us should be proud of and reward.
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