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About Lincoln Property Company - Builder & Operator
of Quality Residential Community Apartments

Lincoln Property Company was founded in 1965 for the purpose of building and operating quality residential communities. Development activity consisted of garden apartments, primarily in Texas and the southwestern United States. Lincoln partners were the sole financial investors in these original residential developments. The need for experienced, professional property management was recognized during these early years. In the process of managing our own development properties, we began attracting, training and organizing the nucleus of our present property management group. As Lincoln began to grow and prosper, we expanded into other major areas of the United States helping those looking for new places to live find apartments to rent.

In the early 1970's, Lincoln expanded its product mix to include commercial, build-to-suit, office, hotel, industrial and other mixed-use assets. In 1972, Lincoln took this expertise within the United States to Western Europe and the Middle East. Lincoln Property Company residential and commercial developments are known internationally for their attractive architecture, attention to detail, and superior locations.

As Lincoln Property Company began to place even more emphasis on the property management business, our reputation as effective, professional managers of our own properties began to gain national recognition. As a result, we began managing more and more residential and commercial properties for other owners and developers. With over 40 years of experience in building, owning, and managing one of the largest real estate portfolios in the United States, Lincoln also established a highly successful facilities management program to effectively service our corporate clients.

In an effort to enhance the lives of military families, in 2001 Lincoln joined forces with the U.S. Department of Defense to renovate and redevelop family housing at selected bases for the Navy, the Marine Corps, and the Army. Through innovative management, property rehabilitation and award-winning new construction designs, Lincoln is now one of the largest operators of military housing in the country. To find out further information about Lincoln Military Housing, please view our website at

Local operating offices are managed by senior executives, all seasoned real estate professionals with expertise in the market, both nationally and locally. With development and investment properties in more than 200 cities, Lincoln Property Company has developed an ongoing presence in each of these commercial and residential real estate markets. Consistently listed as one of the largest apartment developers in the United States, Lincoln has developed over 182,000 multi-family residential units.

With a host of satellite offices to offer local presence, Lincoln's management teams are in place to focus on the successful operation of our Owner's communities.

Lincoln is currently ranked, in terms of size, as the second largest property manager in the United States, with over 163,000 units currently under management.

As a leader in the residential property management field, Lincoln has committed a substantial amount of resources in developing its infrastructure, including the creation of its own training curriculum and management manuals for the continued development of personnel. This commitment has enabled Lincoln to manage properties successfully for clients, large and small, for over four decades. Nonetheless, Lincoln continues to strive for better results, better systems and better ways to serve our residents and investors.

Lincoln Property Company
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