Top 5 Advantages of Renting an Apartment | Infographic

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Renting is the new buying. According to the National Association of Realtors, almost 6 million families will enter the rental market over the next 10 years. This trend toward rental homes and away from home ownership is not a passing fancy. It may seem that many have chosen renting over buying in the post-recessionary economy – because the mortgage market is still daunting. However, more cities across America have home prices that make renting a better deal.

When you include the luxury amenities that many apartment homes come equipped with, tweaking the American dream of owning a home to include renting one makes perfect sense. For these American families, the choice to rent instead of own is based on the flexibility and amenities that apartment homes provide. You are not locked into a mortgage, the property manager schedules and pays for maintenance, and you can afford a nicer neighborhood than you might be able to when buying. Renting is a realistic, long-term option that many people are consciously choosing.

The amenities alone are enough to convince you that renting is better than buying: free Wi-Fi, fitness centers, saunas, screening rooms, private workstations, clubhouses, barbecue gathering spots, playgrounds, gardens and more. In addition, the dedicated staff and management team are there to take care of the property. You no longer have to call the plumber yourself or pull another weed.

Renting provides a flexibility and freedom that owning a home cannot. While the desire to put down roots and build a nest may be strong for many, the economics of renting is beginning to make more sense in more cities across America.

Renting versus Buying Infographic

Top 5 Advantages of Renting an Apartment

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Live Better in Corvallis, Oregon

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For many, a big city isn’t going to be the kind of place that makes them happy. Many cities ranked high on livability scores are smaller. Smaller towns have less pollution, less crowding, and less traffic, as well as lower costs. However, they may sometimes feel behind the times or offer less culture or entertainment. If this is a concern, one easy solution is to pick a college town. College towns have a market for entertainment and media targeted toward a younger audience that many other small towns do not, so they remain fresh and lively while still remaining at a comfortable size. Corvallis, Oregon, is home to Oregon State University and is a perfect example of this phenomenon.

Casual Living in Corvallis

Almost half of the population of Corvallis is college students. This means that a much greater proportion of the population than normal is in the 18-25 age group, so a lot of the available entertainment and activities will be targeted toward them. If you are in that age group but not in college, or prefer the contemporary atmosphere associated with that age group, Corvallis can provide that without the stress and bustle that would normally be required in a city with that large of a population in that age group. You can enjoy a smaller and more relaxing town without feeling like you’re living in the past or getting the suffocating small-town feel of everyone knowing everyone’s business, since much of the population rotates every four or five years.

Obviously, part of the potential advantage of living in a college town is the college itself. Whether you are of traditional college age or not, you can still benefit from having an excellent institute of learning in your area. Proctoring classes is always an option, as is returning to school part time or even full time. Doing so can not only keep your mind fresh, but also gives you advantages when it comes to employ-ability. This is especially true if you work with technology, where information changes quickly and it is important to keep up.

Another advantage to college towns is the availability of apartments. Apartments are usually much more affordable than trying to rent or buy a home, which is why they are the most popular option for college students. This means that there will be more apartment buildings in the area than there otherwise would be for a town of that size, and you can take advantage of their affordability as well.

Corvallis is a comfortable, environmentally friendly city with a thriving, young, and creative population. With its status as a college town, you can easily find an apartment there and avoid big city bustle, pollution, and stress while keeping abreast of current trends. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to pick and choose between a small city vibe and modern entertainment and commodities. Just pick a college town like Corvallis, Oregon to set up camp and you can have the best of both worlds.



Lincoln Property Company Ranks #3 on NMHC Largest Apartment Managers List for 2014

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Lincoln Property Company is excited to announce its #3 ranking on the recently released National Multifamily Housing Council’s 50 Largest Apartment Managers List for 2014. Coming in with 153,445 units, LPC retained the third place slot for the second year in a row.

Up from a 144,542 unit count in 2013, LPC has been awarded management of communities throughout the US, helping to boost the portfolio’s large multifamily housing base.

Click here to see the entire list of management firms on the NMHC Largest Apartment Managers List.

SkySong Apartments in Scottsdale, AZ

SkySong Apartments in Scottsdale, AZ


April 8 Marks Groundbreaking for New Lincoln Property Company Mixed-Use Development in Falls Church, VA

Lincoln Property Company and NVRetail are holding a groundbreaking ceremony for The Reserve at Tinner Hill, an upscale apartment and retail development in the heart of Falls Church, VA this morning at 10:30 a.m. Elected and government officials and project representatives will participate in the groundbreaking ceremony.

Located at the intersection of South Maple Avenue and Washington Street (Lee Highway), The Reserve at Tinner Hill will include 224 upscale apartment units with 46,000 square feet of ground floor retail space where The Fresh Market is slated to be the anchor retailer.

The project will host designer finishes such as floor to ceiling windows, granite countertops, stainless appliances, wood vinyl plank flooring, custom kitchen islands, balconies and Juliet balconies in select homes. Each apartment will include washer and dryer appliances and will be smart-wired for phone, Internet and cable services.

Amenities will include ground floor retail — including The Fresh Market, LEED Silver Certification, garage parking and elevator access, pet friendly, club room with a lounge, fitness center and motion studio, swimming pool, in-house bike storage and 24-hour maintenance.

Click here to read a recent press release covering the ceremony and check back to our blog for updates.


Lincoln’s Mid-Atlantic Region Awarded Management of Bent Tree Apartments located in Centreville, VA

Bent Tree Apartments located in Centreville, Virginia is now part of the Lincoln Property Company family of communities in the company’s expanding Mid-Atlantic Region. LPC was awarded management of this community on Monday, March 31.

Bent Tree Apts

This pet-friendly community, located just minutes from the nation’s capital, offers a variety of studio, one-, two-, and three-bedroom floorplans ranging in size from 680 square feet to 1,213 square feet. Bent Tree Apartments already offers a commendable selection of apartment and community amenities, but LPC’s long-term plans include community resident amenity upgrades and capital improvements to building exteriors. Immediate goals and initiatives include improvement in the areas of maintenance, customer service, and resident satisfaction.

Click here to read a recent press release covering this exciting LPC news topic.


Fun Tourist Attractions in San Antonio

As the seventh most populated city in the entire country, you can bet there is plenty to see and do when visiting San Antonio, Texas. While the city is well known for its nightlife, dining, and hospitality, there are some tourist attractions you must absolutely include in any stay. Continue reading for some of the best.

The San Antonio River Walk
As you might expect, the San Antonio River winds through the city that shares its name. The city goes out of its way to highlight the natural beauty of this river. San Antonio itself is built up about a story above the river in most places, giving pedestrians the ability to get up close to the river, while still maintaining a safe distance.

In many ways, the city is built around the waterway, and, in fact, the River Walk was seen as an important part of San Antonio’s urban renewal. Nowadays, the network of paths takes people by the Alamo, the Rivercenter Mall, Marriage Island, HemisFair Park, and an assortment of fun restaurants and bars, too.

Historical San Antonio Riverwalk

Enjoy the sights and sounds along the San Antonio Riverwalk

The Alamo
A stay in San Antonio is not complete until you’ve visited the world famous Alamo. Texas’ top tourist attraction is located conveniently downtown, so you can easily incorporate it into a day of activities. The Catholic mission and compound was where the historic Battle of the Alamo took place in 1836. Nowadays, the famous attraction serves as a museum, where you can tour the actual compound and muse upon artifacts of the time.

McNay Art Museum
On the other side of the spectrum is McNay Art Museum. The first modern art museum in Texas’ history, it’s been delighting guests and fans of the art form since 1954. Named after Marion Koogler McNay, the museum’s creator, it was funded by her father’s oil money and her own love of art. She actually bequeathed her personal 24-room mansion, which has Spanish Colonial Revival architecture, to be the museum itself. As it also sits on 23 acres of beautifully landscaped land, including fountains and Japanese gardens, the surroundings are as much a part of the attraction as the art itself.

Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch
Due to its temperate climate, San Antonio can support many forms of life indigenous to exotic locations, such as Africa. These are just the kinds of creatures you can find, too, at Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch. This zoo is one of the unique kinds that actually allows visitors to drive through much of the attraction. In this way, it very much mimics a real safari! Imagine getting right up close to a giraffe, zebra, or ostrich. You can also get a good look at some animals that are kept at a much safer distance, like a rhinoceros.

With the San Antonio Spurs, an active downtown, and much more, you’d have to work pretty hard to become bored in this town. While there are countless options to explore, make sure your list of attractions begins with the four mentioned above. They’ll give you a good sense of the city and plenty to talk about when you get home. Maybe so much that you might like to make San Antonio your home! If you’re interested in learning more about the numerous and attractive San Antonio apartment homes for rent, click here to visit Lincoln Property Company’s San Antonio communities.


Why Your Wallet Will Thank You for Moving to Minneapolis

With the job market the way it is, more and more people are willing to move in their search for jobs and for affordable housing. If you are considering such a move, you may be thinking of big cities like New York or Seattle. But don’t be fooled – while there are more jobs and higher-paying jobs in these areas, the cost of living is also much higher. So, in practical terms, you won’t gain much, and if you don’t get a job right away, you’ll be in a much tougher position. Instead, your focus should be on somewhat smaller urban areas in the middle of the country, especially the Midwest. To be specific, Minneapolis is the place to look if you want low living costs and a good chance at a high paying job.

Minneapolis Apartments

Minneapolis Apartments

As of October 2013, Minneapolis has the lowest unemployment rate of any metropolitan area in the country – only 4.1 percent. Obviously, that makes it a pretty desirable new home already, as the problem is getting a job, or at least a job in your field, as often as it is the pay. Even better, Minneapolis is the only city in the 15 top high-income cities in the U.S. to be located in an area with low living costs, rather than a more expensive coastal region. All this means that not only are you more likely to get a job, but the job will likely be higher paying – and that money will go further than it would most places where a job paid that well.

One example of that last point is housing costs. You can rent an apartment in Minneapolis for substantially less than you could find an apartment of equal quality in many other cities, even though it is the urban center of Minnesota. One month’s paycheck can go a lot further in regards to how nice of an apartment you can afford. Having a nice living space is important. Your home is where you de-stress from the day, and living somewhere that has maintenance issues won’t help you relax.

Choosing an apartment also gives you prime access to central areas of the city, so you don’t have to travel far to get to work or to enjoy the many attractions Minneapolis has to offer. There are many apartment communities right in the downtown area. Being able to get into downtown buildings quickly also allows you to enjoy the benefits of walking without having to brave the cold. Many buildings are connected by skyways, so you can save money and get exercise without having to deal with the infamous Minnesota weather any longer than it takes you to get from your apartment to the nearest connected building.

While moving a long distance for a job isn’t usually thought of as a purely economic decision, your wallet will thank you for moving to Minneapolis. Check out our budget friendly and casually elegant apartment home options in Minneapolis by clicking here!



Lincoln’s Kansas City teams sweep Crystal Merit Awards Ceremony

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The Apartment Association of Kansas City held their annual Crystal Merit Awards Ceremony last month on Saturday, February 8th. The Lincoln Property Company teams received a dominating seven (7) awards throughout the evening, including “Best Company Management Team” for the second consecutive year! Special congratulations to the hardworking teams at Fountainview on the Plaza and The Highlands North and South for raking in six (6) awards!

Please see below for the full list of awards.

Lincoln Property Company Kansas City Team Members at 2014 Crystal Merit Awards

Lincoln Property Company Kansas City Team Members at 2014 Crystal Merit Awards

White Glove Award: Sheryl Kruse – Fountaiview on the Plaza

Best Assistant Manager: Emily Voss – The Highlands North and South

Best Models Designed by Staff: The Highlands North and South

Best Property Newsletter: The Highlands North and South

Best Property Amenities: Fountain View on the Plaza

Best Property Website: Fountain View on the Plaza

Best Company Management Team: Lincoln Property Company


Top Houston Spots for Music Lovers

The largest city in the Lone Star State certainly has a little something for everyone. If you find yourself in Houston, Texas with a hunger for live music, you’ll be especially happy with what you find. After all, Houston’s musical alumnae include everyone from ZZ Top and Kenny Rogers to Lyle Lovett and Beyoncé. Fortunately, the live music scene in Space City is as alive as ever. Keep reading for the top spots you’ll want to hit to keep your ears happy.

Top Music Hot Spots in Houston, Texas

Houston Music Venues

Anderson Fair – Fourth Ward, Montrose Area
If you’re in the mood for traditional Texas rock, you’ll want to stop by Anderson Fair. It was here that artists like Lyle Lovett got their start, and the tradition is still loud and proud. To this day you can still enjoy a very intimate setting with some of Houston’s best singer/songwriters. Be sure to hit up the ATM first… this popular joint only accepts cash!

Boondocks – Montrose Neighborhood
Like the name suggests, this isn’t a musical venue where you need to dress to impress. Just the opposite, Boondocks is the type of venue where you can go to relax, enjoy great music, and have a few cocktails in between trips to the dance floor. The crowd here is decidedly alternative, which makes sense, given the indie bands that take the stage. With a large dance floor upstairs, you’ll have more than enough room to cut a rug, though don’t expect any square dancing to break out.

The Big Easy – West University Area
This is another great musical destination where you don’t have to worry about who’s watching. The Big Easy is aptly named, given the New Orleans feel of the place. Outside, it looks like a dive bar, complete with Mardi Gras lighting. Inside you can enjoy some of the best zydeco and blues in the entire city. Expect big crowds on the weekend and odd stares if you don’t make a home out of the dance floor. Of course, you can also get some air outside on the patio and take in the sights and sounds of Kirby Drive.

Shoeshine Charley’s Big Top Lounge – Fourth Ward, Midtown Area
Inside the Big Top Lounge, you’ll hear all kinds of music, as the club seems to only care about good times. They proudly claim “no cover ever” in an attempt at keeping this Houston spot a place where anyone from anywhere can come in and enjoy themselves. If you don’t like the band on stage, enjoy some shuffleboard or foosball with your friends.

Firehouse Saloon – Galleria Area
If you’re in Houston, you might have a country music itch that you just have to scratch. Head over to Firehouse Saloon, then, to enjoy all the live honky-tonk music your eardrums can take. As the name suggests, this saloon is firehouse-themed, and you can bet it’s accurate, given that the owners are former firefighters, themselves.

Fitzgerald’s – The Heights Neighborhood
For over 30 years, Fitzgerald’s has hosted the best local artists that Houston has produced. Most groups on tour who pass through the city will generally seek out the club for its reputation as an authentic Houston music venue. With two separate stages, you’re bound to find something you can at least tap your foot to when you visit Fitzgerald’s.

Dan Electro’s Guitar Bar -The Heights Neighborhood
On the other side of the spectrum is Dan Electro’s Guitar Bar. This venue is a hipster favorite in Houston. Inside, you’ll find the kind of dimly lit interior they flock to, with plenty of shady figures to round the place out. Nonetheless, you’ll hear music that is far more reminiscent than modern. They have plenty of beer and even some wine, but you won’t need either, as Dan Electro’s has no problem if you just bring your own.
You might not be in Houston for the music, but that’s no reason to miss out on a good show. Even if you don’t know the local acts, stroll into any of the above venues, and you’ll be sure to have a good time.

If the Houston vibe is music to your ears, go ahead and “put a ring on it” and make one of our apartment communities home! Check out these LPC managed Houston apartments for rent!

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The Best Dining Experiences in Raleigh

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No matter how great a city is, if you can’t find a decent meal, there’s really no point in visiting, right foodies? Fortunately, Raleigh, North Carolina has more than a few places where you can find more than just a decent meal. Here are the best dining experiences you can find in the City of Oaks.

Raleigh Restaurants

Lunch in Raleigh

Angus Barn
Everyone loves a good steak, and if you’re in the South, you should make it a point to seek out what they have to offer. When you’re in Raleigh, your best bet is to head on over to Angus Barn. Since the mid-1960s, people have been showing up to Angus Barn in the hopes of finding a good steak, and they haven’t been leaving disappointed.

Every month, the restaurant serves up nearly 20,000 steaks, perfectly grilled and dry-aged to perfection. Be as picky as you want when you get there. The steak-lover’s paradise serves up 8 different cuts, which you can customize, thanks to the six sauces and toppings available. Not into steak? Not a problem. They also have lamb and seafood options. In fact, Angus Barn even has vegetarian dishes, though you’ll probably want to hold your breath while you’re in there.

Second Empire Restaurant and Tavern
Just like you could probably guess the décor and menu from the name “Angus Barn”, your imagination is probably correct about Second Empire Restaurant and Tavern. Short of eating in an actual castle, it doesn’t get much classier than this. Inside the historic Dodd-Hinsdale House, you’ll find a dining experience fit for a lord and lady. Walk through the ornate arch doorway to your dinner table and enjoy the sights, sounds, smells, and warmth of the crackling fireplace nearby. Wine lovers will appreciate their award-winning selection, and anyone with an appetite will have more than enough options to complete the experience. You can also choose to sit down for a meal in the tavern, where the experience is a bit more casual, but you can still get a mean martini.

Saint Jacques
For a taste of France, you can’t go wrong with Raleigh’s Saint Jacques. The owner, Lil Lacassagne, is actually from the South of France, so you can bet the menu is authentic. The décor is decidedly French, as well, meaning you’ll leave the North Ridge Shopping Center and enter a dining room that could be in Cavalière. At Saint Jacques, you can enjoy escargot, filet mignon, and wine from all of France’s famous regions.

Bloomsbury Bistro
Bloomsbury Bistro is home to John Toler, a chef of national repute. He insists on changing the menu every season, so if it’s been a while since you’ve dined at the restaurant, your taste buds can count on a whole new experience. While Toler himself clearly prefers French cuisines, he steeps many of his options in American dining. Visitors will have no problem ordering a beautiful portion of Black Angus beef just as easily as they may request duck liver. The bistro’s dining room is intimate but very comfortable.

Sullivan’s Steakhouse
Another great option for steaks is the elegant Sullivan’s Steakhouse. Here, you can find all the beef your heart desires, as well as oysters on the half shell, Chilean sea bass, and much more. While you wait for your table, enjoy a cocktail made from their extensive cache of liquor, or visit the humidor for your favorite cigar.

Raleigh is a beautiful city with plenty of sights to take in. However, when the day draws to a close, you’ll probably have quite the appetite to address. If you want more than just a burger and fries, try any of the above restaurants. They provide dining experiences that offer more than just great meals.

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