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Known as the "Steel City", Pittsburgh once produced half of the iron used in the United States. This predominantly blue-collar city has grown into a vibrant, rich area with spacious Pittsburgh apartments, shopping, dining and cultural centers.

There are a number of Pittsburgh rental properties in the heart of downtown. A 10-block area known as the Golden Triangle is home to many beautiful Pittsburgh apartments and is popular because of its proximity to all of the major sports venues along with exquisite shopping and dining hot-spots. Many of the old mills and factories have been renovated into magnificent loft apartments, each with their own style and allure. One of the most appealing aspects of living in downtown is the amount of Pittsburgh apartments located on the water. The Three Rivers moniker holds true as the Monongahela, Allegheny and Ohio rivers all meet in central city. Builders have constructed some of the most modern, sleek skyscrapers along these rivers giving tenants a beautiful view of the city and newly established green spaces.

There are Pittsburgh rental properties to meet any budget. From lavish, uncompromising apartments designed to compete with New York and Chicago to simpler, spacious Pittsburgh apartments in the South Side and Mount Washington neighborhoods. Younger couples with an active lifestyle will appreciate the abundance of spacious apartments located above cafes, shops and businesses. With an easy commute to work, these are in high demand and give young professionals a great urban experience.

Realtors understand the importance of distinction. Renovated mills now provide 14 ft. ceilings and the space for luxurious amenities such as exposed brick walls, stainless steel appliances, floor to ceiling windows, laundry appliance and sweeping downtown views. With a variety of floor plans, individuals can find budget minded studio apartments or larger 3 bedroom, 2,200 sq. ft. rentals. Pittsburgh apartments are much more than a living space with pet parks, indoor heated swimming pools, fitness centers and courtyards to give each apartment their own unique living experience.

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