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Frequently Asked Questions
Question : I would like to submit a resume. What is the address of your Human Resource Department?
Answer : We do not have a centralized Human Resource Department. To apply for a position, you should check the Careers Page of this website.
Question : How do I locate my rental history? What if Lincoln Property Company no longer manages the property?
Answer : Contact the property directly where you used to live and ask them to locate your records. During a change of management, all resident files (past and current) are turned over to the new management company. You may need to ask for the new Manager of the property to be certain you receive the correct response.
Question : Whom do I call if I have not received my deposit refund check?
Answer : Contact your property directly and ask for the Business Manager. If you cannot reach the Business Manager, call the Regional Property Manager at your Regional Office.
Question : I have a question regarding my application for residency or my application has been denied. What can I do if I want to discuss the application process?
Answer : Your application is not processed by anyone at your community or the corporate headquarters. If you feel you need to discuss the facts regarding your application, you should call the Regional Office and speak with the appropriate Regional Property Manager.
Question : There is something on my credit report from Lincoln Property Company and I need to know who to contact to clear this up.
Answer : Please contact the appropriate collection agency to clear up your credit. Once this has been turned over to a collection agency, we cannot do anything further to that account. If you do not know the name of the collection agency, please contact the Regional Office.
Question : I want to move from one Lincoln Property Company community to another. Can I transfer the remainder of my lease to another property?
Answer : Unfortunately, we are not able to transfer existing leases from one community to another. We do try to work with residents as much as possible when circumstances dictate they must move before their lease term expires. Ultimately, however, you are responsible for the remainder of your lease term at your current community.
Question : I have a complaint about something at my community. Who can I talk to?
Answer : Although we try to be perfect, we realize there are some situations that may need extra management attention. If you have spoken with the Business Manager of your property, and you would like to talk to someone else about your situation, you should contact your Regional Property Manager at the appropriate Regional Office.
Question : How do I get on your Vendor Bid List?
Answer : Lincoln does not maintain a formal Vendor Bid List. We have certain requirements for our vendors, including insurance and employee requirements. For specific details, please call the appropriate Regional Office.
Question : Can I get out of my lease if my company relocates me?
Answer : Under certain situations a resident may not be able to fulfill their entire lease term. Our cooperation in resolving this situation as a win-win will continue in goodwill, even when you are not a resident any longer. However, we must abide by our lease and our company policies to ensure we are consistent with regards to Fair Housing.
Question : What are your occupancy standards for number of people staying in an apartment?
Answer : Occupancy limits are different for residents with Familial Status and those with Non-Familial Status*.
Familial Status
Two Persons (+ a newborn child up to 12 months)
One Bedroom:
Two Persons (+ a newborn child up to 12 months)
Two Bedroom:
Four Persons (+ a newborn child up to 12 months)
Two Bedroom/Den:
Five Persons (+ a newborn child up to 12 months)
Three Bedroom:
Six Persons (+ a newborn child up to 12 months)
Non-Familial Status
One Person
One Bedroom:
Two Persons
Two Bedroom:
Two Persons
Two Bedroom/Den:
Two Persons
Three Bedroom:
Three Persons
*Occupancy standards may vary based on state or local law.
Question : What forms of payment do you accept?
Answer : Every Lincoln community accepts personal checks, money orders and cashiers checks. Additionally, some Lincoln communities may accept online debit or credit card payments. Please check with your specific community for details.
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