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Apartments for Rent Frisco, TX

The Dallas metropolitan area is enjoying record growth, and the suburban communities around the city are beneficiaries of this bustling economy. The economic boom in the northeast Texas region has sparked a race to build new housing and refurbish older homes for the influx of new residents. Nowhere is this more evident than in the suburbs of Frisco and Plano?

Apartments in Frisco

Frisco takes its name from the railway that once ran through the town and carried passengers westward to San Francisco. Like its namesake city, Frisco, Texas, is an affluent community with plenty of architectural charm. Older, larger homes are often converted into three or four apartments for rent in Frisco. Texas has ample room to build, and developers have made the most of it with expansive apartment complexes. These new complexes boast amenities such as chef-worthy kitchens, spacious master baths, and soaring ceilings to attract residents to these apartments.

Frisco's population has more than tripled in the last ten years. With a current population of about 120,000, it's a small city in its right. Despite its burgeoning growth, the city remains lush and green; even downtown Frisco's streets are lined with shade trees. That shade is welcome in the heat of a Texas summer. Almost all apartments come with air conditioning, which is a must in Texas.

Apartments in Plano

With over a quarter of a million residents, Plano, Texas, is on the list of top ten cities in the state. Its proximity to Dallas makes Plano a choice location for those who work in Dallas or Fort Worth, but it's more than just a suburb of a larger city. Plano residents enjoy all of the perks of city life while maintaining a small-town atmosphere. Apartments in Plano range from thoughtfully designed studio apartments to the luxurious split-level units favored by the area's many aspiring business moguls.

Plano is part of the DART light rail transportation system that moves tens of thousands of commuters throughout the greater Dallas Metroplex area. This rapid transit system reduces commuting times and keeps thousands of cars from contributing to traffic jams. Ready access to transportation makes Plano a particularly attractive option. As the city has grown, many businesses have chosen to relocate their headquarters to the suburbs; some executives now bike or walk to work from their homes.