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At Lincoln Property Company, charity means a lot to us. We’ve partnered with many organizations through the years and have also created our own group, Lincoln Charities, to provide support to employees in need. 

We asked our LPC neighbors what charity means to them, whether they’ve spent time volunteering with an inspiring organization or have received life-changing support. We want to spread the warmth of giving back by hearing a story from our LPC neighbors. We heard stories of joy, inspiration, hope, and goodwill. We were overcome to hear how their charity had impacted our LPC neighbors and their community.

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First place winner

Meet Logan Matthews who supports PENCIL, a non-profit organization that builds strategic partnerships between community groups and the needs of Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS).

Second place winner

Learn more about Laura Hoover, executive director at Children's Legal Center, an organization dedicated to providing free legal services and representation to children caught in the immigration process.

Third place winner

Desiree Cook, Founder and Executive Director of I Am You 360, a non-profit organization who gives back to the community by creating employment, mentoring, and development opportunities for the youth through a unique blend of philanthropy and community assistance.