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Lincoln Presents the Winners
of LPC Tell Your Story 2021

We’re back again with another year of inspiring stories of care and community from our Lincoln residents. After asking our LPC neighbors to share their experiences with local charities, we received many submissions that shined light on meaningful organizations that aim to spread goodwill. These charities touched the lives of our residents, and by sharing their stories, ours as well.

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First place winner

Vickery Trading Co. has dedicated its work to supporting refugee women in Dallas. Through emotional support, vocational training, and employment opportunities within their own organization, they focus on providing women with the tools they need for long-term success. Lincoln resident Rebekah has interned with Vickery Trading Co. and has firsthand seen the amazing work they do. Thank you for sharing your experience with this amazing organization, Rebekah!

Second place winner

Founded by Donna Cranston, the mother of an Iraq veteran, Defenders of Freedom in Coppell, Texas, provides support for veterans who are returning from deployment. With a focus on care for those who suffer from traumatic brain injuries, Defenders of Freedom raises funds for treatment and spreads awareness of the prevalence of TBI among veterans. Lincoln resident Frederick Vonnahme shared his passion and support for the organization, and we’re so glad that he did.

Third place winner

We were amazed when we heard of the important work that our resident Jillyan Gillard has done at Bee Club. Devoted to mentoring teenage girls in Atlanta, Jillyan is a volunteer who has participated in workshops, service projects, and events that aim to give local youth the tools they need to succeed in a safe space. Thank you for all you do, Jillyan!