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Inspired by You

Explore some of our past contests and campaigns that give an insider look at a day in the life of an LPC resident. From community events that bring people together to innovative lifestyle initiatives designed to keep our residents connected even while apart, we strive to create experiences that are extensions of home.


Spring is in full force and with it comes warm weather fashions we can’t wait to show off. To get everyone in the stylish spirit, we’re kicking off our first #MyLPCLook contest where residents are invited to upload photos of their favorite styles. To keep things interesting, each week presents a different theme, so you can tap into your sartorial side in a variety of ways.

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We’re back again with another year of inspiring stories of care and community from our Lincoln residents. After asking our LPC neighbors to share their experiences with local charities, we received many submissions that shined light on meaningful organizations that aim to spread goodwill. These charities touched the lives of our residents, and by sharing their stories, ours as well.

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This campaign shines a spotlight on some of our favorite Lincoln property events and the friendly faces that make up our community.

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This series forces on giving residents fresh ideas, tips, and life-hacks to optimize their lifestyle and to live inspired, every day.

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The LPC Stay Cation campaign encouraged our LPC neighbors to activate their LPC community’s amenities to get the most out of their living space. The campaign is designed to share moments on social media of a “Stay Cation” that captures the spirit and joy of a travel vacation.

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In spring of 2019, we encouraging our LPC neighbors to declutter, organize, and simplify their surroundings to get the most of their living spaces.

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This series invited residents to show how they made the most of staying home posting pics of home decor DIY, a bodyweight workout, or that noisy co-worker that won't stop barking during Zoom calls.

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Celebrate summer with your friends at Lincoln and partake in #LPCSummerGames! These interactive social media challenges invite you to share what you’re up to inside your Lincoln home. Each week will have its own theme and participants will be eligible to win a $250 gift card, and donate $100 to the charity of their choice and to Lincoln Charities.

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We asked our LPC neighbors what charity means to them, whether they’ve spent time volunteering with an inspiring organization or have received life-changing support. We want to spread the warmth of giving back by hearing a story from our LPC neighbors. We heard stories of joy, inspiration, hope, and goodwill. We were overcome to hear how their charity had impacted our LPC neighbors and their community.

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This series focused on engaging residents to participate in holiday themed posts such as holiday outifits, holiday decor and holiday gratitude. 

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