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For those who want ready access to big-city life while living in a peaceful small-town environment, get an apartment in Denton or Lewisville. Although each is a small city in its own right, both are part of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Residents never have to look far for something exciting to do, yet Denton and Lewisville retain that small-town atmosphere that their neighbor keeps well hidden beneath the bustle of the big city.

Denton is the county's seat. With fewer than half a million people in Denton, the community remains close-knit. Denton's architecture has also kept much of its historic charm; older apartments in the town may have even been built in Victorian times. The city also has plenty of newer apartments as well; Denton County is one of the fastest-growing in the nation, so new housing has had to keep pace with a burgeoning population. When looking for a place to live in Denton, look north for more exclusive neighborhoods and south for more economical rent.

Neighboring Lewisville is smaller, but it's rich in economic opportunities. An apartment for rent in Lewisville might have scenic views of Lewisville Lake to the north. Apartments for rent in Lewisville to the south have the advantage of being closer to Dallas; for those who work downtown, the shorter commute may be worth losing the lake view. Like Denton, Lewisville has kept its roots; the oldest building in the town is the 126-year-old Community Theater. While apartments for rent in Lewisville may not have quite as much history behind them, they do pay homage to the town's past in their spacious sitting rooms and architectural interest. Finding an apartment for rent in Lewisville may take some time; the city's 95,000 residents are a relatively stable population. While renting in Denton maybe part of a larger complex, an apartment for rent in Lewisville is more likely in a small villa-style grouping.

Both Lewisville and Midtown Denton thrive on the economic overflow from booming Dallas. Any apartment for rent in Denton will be near a mall while apartments for rent in Lewisville are typically only minutes away from the town's excellent restaurants. Although Dallas is the region's economic engine, Denton and Lewisville are prosperous on their own as well. Denton County lies atop rich oil reserves that produce much of the wealth that made the North Texas area legendary. Despite the oil wealth, apartments in Denton and Lewisville usually cost less than a downtown Dallas loft.

Securing an apartment for rent in Denton or Lewisville means a retreat from the big city to a slower, gentler place. These suburban communities represent the best of both worlds for over half a million people.

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